School Programs and Features
CHANSE -(Chute And Northwestern Science Education)

Mr. Fratella - Tuesdays, Room 208, from 3:45pm- 4:45pm.
Northwestern graduate students from the NU Materials Research department work with twenty 8th graders during the fall. winter and spring terms. There are six sessions per term with a culminating field trip to the Materials Research labs in the spring.
Chess Club
Camisha Riley and Allen Alexander

This fall Chute Chess Club offers professional instruction from two Chicago area chess masters. Lessons begin Thursday October 9th from 3:45pm - 4:45pm. Email for more information. Fall session fee is $50.
Ms. Allen-
Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, 3:45pm - 4:30pm. Auditions are open through the month of January. Performances throughout the year include concerts, contests, Music in the Parks competitions and the YEA Festival.
Garden Club
Ms. Mohrenweiser and Ms. Przekota -
Meets Fall and Spring TBA
Available to ESL students. Thursday, once a month from 2-4. To promote social skills, and to improve academic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
Knitting Club
Ms. Adler -
Come and experience the joy of knitting! Meets Wednesdays in Room 203 from 3:40 - 4:45pm
Math Olympiad
Ms. Nelson -
Meets Wednesdays in Room during 6th period lunch.
Origami Club
Ms. Fordon
Meets in Room 308A during 5th period lunch.  Learn the art of folding papers into figurines!
Stage Crew

Meets every Mondays from 3:45pm-4:45pm in the Auditorium.
20 participants-open to all grade levels
Discover that working back stage can be just as exciting as performing on stage! Learn about the different types of stages, stage areas, how to operate lights, sound and the fly system (ropes and chains) plus what to consider when creating set, lighting and sound designs. Work backstage on many occasions including concerts & fine arts performances.
Student Council
Ms. Saunders -
Representative and officers are voted in by their classmates. The council consists of an executive committee and two representatives and two alternates from each 1st period class. Student Council will give students opportunities to demonstrate leadership at Chute. Members will organize, promote, and participate in school and community activities to help gain a sense of school and community spirit. Specific activities include dances, fundraisers, food and clothing drives.
Yearbook Club
Ms. Kushner and Ms. Nelson -
Meets Wednesdays in Media Arts Lab until 4:45pm.
Plan, design, select pictures, layout, photography, and video editing.   Work on yearbook in various ways throughout the year.
Advanced Art, Drama, Media Arts, Music  
Ms. Adler, Ms. Temkin, Ms. Kushner, and Ms. Allen -
Available to 8th grade students recommended by the Arts staff. Classes meet during the Fine Arts period.
Ms. Philbrick -
Band is a graded curricular subject with rehearsals and lessons offered before school and/or during the school day. The ensembles perform several times throughout the year and participate in area contests. The program is open to all students.  Beginning Band lessons are on Fridays during the day on a rotating schedule.
6th Grade
Concert Band
6th Grade Concert Band rehearses Monday and Wednesday 10th period.
Lessons are during the school day on Mondays on a rotating basis.
Students in the TWI program rehearse on Friday, 7th period.
7th and 8th grade
Honor’s Band
7th and 8th grade-
Honor’s Band meets Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:15 -7:55.
Honor’s Band lessons are on Wednesday and Friday on a rotating basis.
Jazz Band will meet during the school day. Ms. Philbrick will inform students of the day and time.
Orchestra is a graded curricular subject with rehearsals and lessons offered before school and/or during the school day. It is open to all string players who have played for at least one school year. The ensembles perform several times throughout the year and participate in area contests. 6th Grade-is split into two groups and meets on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 1st period. Lessons are on Tuesday.
7th & 8th grade is also split and meets at 7:15-7:55 on Tuesdays of Thursdays. Lessons are on Thursday.
Chute Sports -
Intramural Sports- Monday through Thursday-Late bus provided. Anyone can play. No cuts. Shared playing time and NO FEES! Students may join any or all of the activities offered. Once they have made a commitment to play, students are placed on a team and are expected to finish the semester. Activities include: soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, lacrosse, dodge ball, fitness club, field hockey, baseball, badminton and track & field.
Interscholastic Sports -This is a district supported program where Chute students may try out for the Chute team and compete against other middle schools. Parent permission is required for participation and there is a $75 fee (waived for students who receive free and reduced lunch).
Fall-Boys’ soccer & Girls’ volleyball
Winter-Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball
Spring-Girls’ Soccer & Boys’ Basketball
*Students will be expected to attend all practices and games and follow all District and school rules of behavior and discipline. In addition, students will be expected to maintain proper academic standards for class work and homework.
**Scheduling updates and information will be distributed by the PE staff during regular PE classes.

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